Burst storage to the cloud

When running out on local storage, why not extend your capacity with the cloud.

Maxime Vlassenbroeck, Arrow ECS Belux Business Developer Storage Solutions,
explains how to extend your storage to the public cloud.

As already discussed in previous topic, one of the main reasons that business customers are moving to the cloud is cost saving. We know it is a most arguable topic, but when comparing cost of storage in the cloud with on-prem storage, there’s hardly any discussion left.

Christmas shopping provoking the need for extra disk space

However, many business cases call for the need of having extra high performance storage in your on-prem datacenter, be this for temporary or permanent use…

The most logical choice would be adding an extra drawer of disks to your storage array. Unfortunately, this is not really a cloud way of doing. You require an upfront investment and will probably oversize this because you want to reduce future physical intervention in your datacenter.

Come-in the hybrid solutions from NetApp.

A first solution that comes to our mind is to use Cloud Volumes ONTAP in an Azure or AWS environment. By enabling the cloud tiering function, we can off load infrequently used data or archive data to Blob or S3 storage, thus freeing up space on your on-prem storage array. In other words freeing the necessary high-performance storage you needed.

The major benefit of running ONTAP in your public cloud environment is the seamless integration between cloud and on-prem. You continue using your familiar management tools. You just ‘added’ extra disk space.

…the complete picture…

If you don’t have NetApp in your current environment, no need to worry:

NetApp Cloud Backup (formerly NetApp AltaVault), available as physical or virtual appliance, enables customers to securely back up data to any cloud at up to 90% lower cost compared with on-premises solutions. NetApp Cloud Backup gives customers the power to tap into cloud economics while preserving investments in existing backup infrastructure and meeting backup and recovery SLAs.

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