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Do you have control of your Office 365 data ? Do you have access to all the items you need ? The knee-jerk reaction is typically, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of it all.”

Nick Maurrau, Arrow ECS Belux Business Developer Virtualization,
explains why it is important to backup Office 365

But if you really think about it — are you sure?

Microsoft takes care of quite a bit and provides a great service for their customers. However, Microsoft’s primary focus is on managing the Office 365 infrastructure and maintaining uptime to your users. They are empowering YOU with the responsibility of your data. The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is quite common.

In other words, Microsoft delivers guarantees towards the availability of their mail and storage services, but there are no guarantees towards the availability of your mail and data stored.

Ultimately, it is you who needs to ensure you have access to, and control over, your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data.

We don’t want to make it sound alarming, but here are 6 reasons why backing up Office 365 is crucial:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Legal and compliance requirements
  • Retention policy gaps and confusion
  • Internal security threats
  • External security threats
  • Managing hybrid email deployments and migrations to Office 365

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