AWS on ArrowSphere

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Now available on ArrowSphere.

Designed to help AWS partners specifically, our ACE for AWS programme will help your organisation grow a profitable and sustainable cloud business with ready-made and bespoke support at your fingertips.

Nathan Stewart, Marketing Manager Arrow ECS UK,
announces Arrow Cloud Enablement for AWS

To become an AWS reseller, all partners must complete:

If you are a managed service provider or reseller looking to grow a profitable and sustainable AWS business, here are 8 reasons to source AWS through ArrowSphere.

  1. Arrow is a leading distributor with an unmatched footprint, experience and portfolio in EMEA. Arrow leverages his portfolio to bring the best solutions running on AWS to the channel partners. Some examples are VMware, Red Hat, Commvault, Pure Storage, Checkpoint, all running on AWS.
  2. Arrow is a $1billion cloud distributor. Arrow has the knowledge, a platform and dedicated teams to sell cloud solutions. Over 6,500 Managed Services Providers are connected.
  3. Dedicated AWS teams in each region ready to pass on their knowledge and expertise on AWS to help partners develop, deliver, and grow their AWS business. Today, the team gathers 38 AWS Certifications, and 88 Accreditations.
  4. Arrow makes AWS easier to work with by providing consolidated billing statements and usage reports, standardized T&Cs, improved terms (payment and currency), and local teams in country.
  5. ArrowSphere is the Arrow Cloud Brokerage Platform that communicates with AWS systems through APIs. A platform in-house developed platform, which guarantees agility. It is a full end-to-end solution for a channel partner to quote, order, manage, and bill AWS services.
  6. My Cloud Portal is AWS-ready. It extends the capabilities of ArrowSphere to end user customers with a self-service portal through which end customers can purchase AWS services, manage their subscriptions and analyze their use of services, setting budgets and thresholds where required.
  7. Arrow Cloud Belts program is a preparation to the AWS official certifications. From the white belt about the fundamentals to the advanced black belt, we provide a learning curve through on-line video or instructor-led live trainings.
  8. The Arrow Cloud Enablement program is a comprehensive portfolio of enablement resources, consultancy, marketing, training and knowledge transfer. Whether the partners are already providing cloud services or are about to embark on this opportunity, the program is designed to assist them in driving greater profitability from the cloud with less cost and risk .

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