Arrow Cloud Belts

Unleashing the potential of AWS with the Arrow Cloud Belts learning path.

Cloud is a revolution. For some people it is already a reality, but for others it’s just a word, in the culture, on websites, on magazines, nothing more than a fog for geeks.

Nick Maeckelberghe, Manager Pre-Sales Team Arrow ECS, Belgium and Luxembourg
introduces the Arrow Cloud Belts

“It’s not for me” is the thing we hear too often. Those are the words of thousands of customers still living the “on-premises” world, to them Cloud is another software, or virtualization provider and that’s it.

They represent the part of future market still hiding in the shadow, they are the next target to conquer.

Because they are not aware that the cloud is an unlimited universe of new opportunities to them, they won’t invest time and effort into getting the information, nor will they get in touch with AWS team nor will they even be willing to attend a 3 days training course.

So at Arrow, we built the « Cloud Belt » Program?

A program to provide our partners and their customers a short learning path to facilitate the entry in the cloud universe.

The program is organized around, 8 levels of training modules, based on the martial art system of belts, using colors of the belt to follow your progression into the program.

From the White Belt, first point of entry for anyone who wants to be introduced to fundamentals and getting an insight of the cloud promises, to the most advanced Black Belt and the highest level of Automation in the cloud. 

Going through 70 different services, infrastructure as code, serverless, microservices, security, big data, machine learning to continuous integration and continuous delivery.

The idea is to provide a learning curve that is shaped around short sessions, 2 hours only, easy to invest. The customer can attend these in instructor-led live events, or online videos.

The next step after that program is the official AWS training program which is based on full to 3 days instructor-led training with hands-on labs. The Cloud Belt Experience Program gives the customer a great upfront preparation to get the best out of the official trainings and get faster prepared for the certifications.

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