IoT and Cloud: Best Friends

Arrow defined a strategy around IoT called ‘From Sensor to Sunset’.

Arrow IoT

This strategy brings all Arrow departments together to present IoT solutions to the market.

  • In the drawing above, on the left, we have Arrow Electronics, our components departments who are active in the sensory devices part;
  • Next we have Arrow Intelligent Systems building intelligent and secure gateways to transport the collected data;
  • In the middle we have Arrow ECS, Enterprise Computing Solutions who can deliver the different clouds to store the data and who can deliver the necessary software solutions to visualise the IoT data;
  • And last, we have S-Tech, a department who can securely and environmentally responsible decommission assets.

With our local team, we built an IoT experiment, involving :

  • a temperature sensor bought from Arrow Electronics,
  • Microsoft Azure App Services to transport the readings,
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to store the data and act when some temperature levels are reached,
  • a Splunk environment running on an Azure VM to give live temperature readings,
  • a desk lamp and a ventilator…

Here’s how the experiment went:

Arrow sales and tech people toying with IoT and Cloud.

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