Bringing the cloud experience on-prem

What is the essential in the IaaS cloud experience ? 

Aurélie Adant, Inside Sales Associate at Arrow ECS Belux,
explains the Azure Stack cloud experience on-prem.

At your fingertips, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can provision a complete set of server, storage and network resources. Tailor-made, the exact size you wish, paying what you need while you grow.

Comparing this with the on-prem infrastructure, you need to purchase hardware and software assets, which invoke a certain delivery time. While waiting for the delivery, you can to plan for space and connectivity. Once the physical installation has been done, the whole logical and virtual setup needs to be performed. This tasks may take many weeks – and what happens if you want to scale up or down in performance and capacity ?

On the other hand, different use case call for the need of on-prem infrastructure. Among these, following are the most common:

  • Edge and disconnected applications
  • Applications that need to meet varied regulations
  • Cloud application model on-premises

With edge and disconnected applications, we mean use cases where connectivity is an issue.  Take a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean.
An industrial environment where you can not risk downtime due to latency or a bad internet link. Or a car racing team with real time monitoring and correcting of the race car’s behaviour.

Certain countries have varied regulations as to where data may be stored and processed. We all know Luxembourg with the specific CSSF rules. Also in many countries, medical data of patients may not be stored in the cloud.

The third type of use cases call for web services, containers, serverless computing, and micro services architectures to update and extend legacy applications, while using a consistent DevOps process in both cloud and on-premises deployments. In other words preparing your legacy or mainframe like environments for cloud or hybrid cloud.

So, if you’re concerned by these use cases, does this mean you can not benefit from the cloud experience in an on-prem environment ?

Not at all ! Find out about Huawei Azure Stack, combined with Arrow Capital Services’ pay as you grow offering.

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