Optimize virtual desktops

Organizations of all sizes are embracing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI.

With VDI, each individual user’s desktop environment is stored on a central server rather than on the employee’s local machine. This allows organization-wide access to greater computing power with a centralized approach to maintaining the network, saving the company resources and time in the process.

Charly Cohen, Arrow ECS Belux Business Development Manager Citrix,
explains how to optimise VDI with public cloud.

Among the benefits of using a VDI environment we can state cost efficiency, added security, simplified management, high availability, et cetera.

However, there’s a catch…

Most desktops run in a 9 to 5 environment. This means they’ll probably be switched on from 9 o’clock in the morning, till somewhere between 6 and 7 in the afternoon. So what about the other 14 hours of the day. Mostly they keep running on your central VDI servers. A serious waste of operational costs.

When moving these VDI loads to a public cloud environment, with some scripting, you can shut down these virtual machines when people log off from their environment. As we’re in a public cloud environment, you only pay for what being used, so you’re saving 14 out of 24 hours of infrastructure usage !

At Arrow we also offer pay-per-use licenses for your VDI infrastructure software. Again, planning for unexpected growth or decrease in people is not an easy job to do. Often you end up with a number of licenses which do not really reflect the number of people you employ. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you only pay licenses for the number of people you really were this month ?

In brief, by moving your VDI to Azure or AWS, you:

  • Avoid upfront hardware server investments,
  • Avoid over-investing in software licenses,
  • Only pay operating costs when the people are connected,
  • And still dispose of the VDI benefits mentioned above.

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