Take care of your cloud connection

Today’s application traffic requires a resilient network. Critics of cloud will point this out as a weak spot.
So yes, you need to take care of your connection…

People using Cloud Services rely on the performance of their digital workspace to be productive. If your WAN can’t keep up with the bandwidth demands of rich media, high-resolution monitors, and virtual, web, and SaaS apps, the user experience — and ultimately the business — will suffer.

At Arrow, we have a broad experience on using Citrix SD-WAN (formerly NetScaler SD-WAN) to deliver the right user experience.

“Citrix SD-WAN is not a network product, it is an Application Delivery product”

Learn how to combine Citrix SD-WAN with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Both platforms support the BYOL (bring-your-own-license) option… The ideal solution if you want to benefit from the pay-as-you-use Citrix Service Provider licenses for full flexibility in scaling.

Not yet on Azure or Amazon ? But you surely are Microsoft Office 365 users ?

To optimize the user experience for workers at branch offices, Microsoft is actively promoting its Office 365 Network Connectivity Principles and new APIs. Citrix SD-WAN can offer customers a modern software-defined networking solution that makes it easy to adopt those principles and optimize the branch office user experience for latency-sensitive Office 365 applications like OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, Skype and Teams.

Find out how the Arrow team can help you bringing the right user experience !

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