Secure 365

Office 365 is probably by far the most used productivity platform. 

Christophe Simonart Business Development Manager Network & Security
explains how to render o365 more secure.

It contains the tools you need to be more creative and to achieve what matters with Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and more.

It’s on all of your devices: On your desktop, on your tablet and on your phone, Office 365 + your device + the Internet = productivity wherever you are.

But how do you render it more secure ? How do you integrate it into your enterprise security policy ? 

SafeNet Trusted Access

Offer trusted access and Smart Single Sign-On to all your apps with SafeNet Trusted Access, identity-as-a-service.

Building on its award-winning multi-factor authentication service, Gemalto now offers SafeNet Trusted Access, an intuitive access management service that makes it easy to manage cloud and web access with single sign-on and scenario-based access policies.

Enterprises looking to scale the deployment of cloud and web apps across the organisation encounter hurdles to efficiently managing online identities and access security, while ensuring user convenience and regulatory compliance. 

SafeNet Trusted Access has emerged to streamline cloud identity management, eliminate password hassles for IT and users, provide a single pane view of access events across your app estate and ensure that the right user has access to the right application at the right level of trust.

Find out how the Arrow ECS Security team can help you render your cloud environment more secure.

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SafeNet Trusted Access

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