Putting containers where they belong

Organizations evolving their application architectures often do so by moving to a hybrid cloud environment and adopting new development processes.

Kyma Vandereyken, Arrow ECS Inside Sales Associate Open Source,
suggests to run your container platform on public cloud.

Shifting to a more agile cloud-based development and deployment process is clearly beneficial, but also brings on a new set of challenges as organizations struggle with managing their applications across multiple platforms.

It is an ongoing challenge to modernize legacy security systems and minimize manual overhead while simultaneously improving the portability of applications so that they can accelerate the return on the cloud advantages.

So let us introduce you to Red Hat OpenShift.

The OpenShift Container Platform was designed to enable organizations to develop, deploy, and manage existing and container-based applications consistently across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.

With its multi-language capabilities, developers can employ OpenShift to easily turn source code into running applications. The self-service platform empowers developers to quickly and easily create portable applications on-demand, while leveraging the tools and languages they are most comfortable using.

Once applications are running on the cloud, you can monitor and apply updates as needed. Red Hat OpenShift is scalable, allowing you to scale up your applications during traffic spikes, or allocate capacity ahead of time to follow usage trends.

By adopting the OpenShift Container Platform on Public Cloud Services, you enable the acceleration of application development and delivery. You improve and simplify:

  • Application Container Management
  • Hybrid Cloud Container Management
  • DevOps Process Management
  • Self-Service and Multi-Tenant User Capabilities

Through ArrowSphere you also have access to the Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program, RedHat CCSP in short.

RedHat CCSP is a flexible, pay-as-you-go consumption model including Premium Red Hat support for all infrastructure components. It is easy to join, with straightforward commercial and technical requirements to get started. There is no up-front commit, no joining fee, no revenue targets or similar.

Get started !

You want gain access to powerful open source technologies ?
You want to seamlessly extend your on-premises environment to the cloud ?
Follow the link through to our Business Partner Reserved Area and find out how to become a RedHat CCSP partner with Arrow.

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