My Cloud Portal

Tailored solution to build the perfect cloud reselling workflow.

Presenting ArrowSphere My Cloud Portal

A unique, off the shelf, personalized entry point to develop the growth of your cloud business.

  • Dedicated webportal for cloud resellers
  • Branded & customized storefront
  • Back office portal for managing cloud offerings

For the MSP, VAR or Resellers, My Cloud Portal offers:

  • Simplified buying processes
  • Purchase and Order on behalf of end-customers
  • Create custom catalogues & SKUs
  • Manage end-customers’ cloud activity
  • Manage your organization & users’ permission
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing
  • Margins follow up
  • Analyse & anticipate end customers’ activity
  • Better anticipate with real time customer & MSP control panels

For the End-Customers, the portal enables:

Cloud Usage Analytics
  • an access to a complete cloud services catalog
  • ordering of new subscriptions
  • management of user permissions
  • adjustment (add / remove) seats on current subscriptions 
  • one entry point for all cloud activities (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • analysis  & anticipation of activity
  • detailed Cloud usage analytics

Find out how the Arrow team can help you build an on line cloud catalogue for your customers !

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