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Anthony Souai, Arrow ECS BeLux Business Developer Cloud,
explains how to migrate to cloud with an ease of mind.

On ‘’ we already talked about the different reasons why business customers migrate their IT to the Cloud. Several technical reasons include high availability, flexibility, auto-scaling, etc…

But let’s be realistic, the economical dimension of cost remains the main reason.

  • Do you know how much you actual IT infrastructure costs ?
  • What would it cost tomorrow in a cloud setup ?
  • Do you dispose of the tools to do the calculation ?

The Azure Assessment tool from BitTitan is the tool you need.

The way it fonctions is quite simple… you install a sensor tool in your current infrastructure and leave it running for approx. 1 month. During this time the tool will analyse, evaluate and map your infrastructure. Next it will propose the cloud equivalent of your on-prem infrastructure.

In other words, you can propose your customers a Microsoft Azure public cloud version of his analysed infrastructure.

When indicating the Azure Datacenter destination you get an overview of the annual cost. This in an ‘as-is’ version and in an ‘optimised’ version where BitTitan will suggest using different VMs, CPU or Memory sizes.

Last but not least, the Azure Assessment Tool proposes a detailed report in PDF or Word which transcripts the details of the analysis.  

Find out how Arrow and BitTitan allow you to evaluate a migration to Azure with an ease of mind.

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