Stop spending money on (expensive) storage

The growth of unstructured data or object storage is exponential.

Research shows that most companies are collecting exponential amounts of object data… web, social, video, audio, images, office documents, …
But many of them do not have a strategy on how to store them for long term.

Next is the fact that many of this data is backed up, in several copies, to on-prem storage systems, be it through backup software or snapshot technology.

You would be surprised to learn how small the amount of time is, that these ‘objects’ are really used in your environment.

The data or object lifecycle can be split up in phases as shown in the ‘Data Lifecycle Graph’. It is in the USE phase that these objects are regularly accessed and they merit being stored to on-prem storage.

During the SHARE phase we start multiplying copies of the same objects across departments.

Afterwards, the accessing rate goes seriously down. And let’s face the facts, we hardly delete anything which is stored somewhere on a network drive.

Do you intend on keeping all these objects throughout it’s whole lifecycle on high-perf on-prem storage ? Even worse… on flash storage ?

Seems like a serious waste of money in capex and opex.

At Arrow, we propose to set rules on how long object data should be stored on high-perf storage. Once past a certain point in time, we suggest to automatically move this data to lower costing cloud Storage. Arrow is official distributor (aggregator) of the major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud and Oracle.

We also carry different technology vendors who can do this operation seamlessly… your users won’t even know the data has been moved !

Do you want to learn how and which technology vendors ?

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