See how your Cloud Business is trending

April has been a busy month on the ArrowSphere development side.

Among the the different improvements and adaptations we made to our cloud brokerage platform, there also was the SaaS Dashboard. A ‘one click action’ for tracking all Microsoft SaaS activity for a selected period including :

  • Subscription level detail for seat gains and losses by month
  • An overview of reseller portfolio including a month-end forecast, updated daily
  • Breakdown by product, customer and vendor categories for a selected period
  • Trends in cost and seats by month
  • Availability to zoom in on one customer’s subscriptions

With this aggregate view of all Microsoft SaaS activity, we bring to our partners a tool to optimise the SaaS consumption of their customers. They can zoom in to the products consumed, and thus guide them to new available technologies.

Jerry Baetens, Arrow ECS BeLux Cloud Leader

Later this year, we will bring this feature also to the My Cloud Portal environment.

Interested in a demo ? Get in contact with your local Cloud team at Arrow ECS Belgium & Luxembourg

Screenshot of the Trending with Gain and Losses

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