Extend support for SQL Server and Windows Server by moving to Azure

Have you got a migration plan in place for customers still running SQL Server R2 and Windows Server 2008?

With Microsoft ending support for SQL Server R2 and Windows Server 2008 imminently, many customers will be affected and have real concerns about the critical applications they are running on these platforms.

Migrate to Azure and extend security support for another three years

By migrating these on-premises platforms as virtual machines straight to Azure, customers can ensure business continuity with an extended 3 years of free security updates after support ends. This time will be invaluable for customers to develop a longer-term plan for a seamless transition to a modern platform.

As unsupported, unpatched platforms present a huge risk, even incurring fines under GDPR, doing nothing is not an option for most customers. Arrow offers migration services to support partners and customers in moving critical applications and workloads, with minimal disruption. 

Don’t let your customers put their critical applications at risk with the end of support for SQL Server and Windows Server.

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Why Microsoft Azure?

  • Customers can save time, money and effort by taking data and workloads off premises to the cloud – McKinsey estimate cost savings of up to 50%
  • Take data and applications right to the edge, to mobile and IoT devices, and create a new class of applications that users expect
  • Protect data across the enterprise for a lower cost and with less administration, with Azure backup and DR solutions
  • Allow customers to capitalize on data analytics and business intelligence capabilities that drive better insights and allow them to make better decisions
  • Cloud partners enjoy faster growth and bigger gross profits than non-cloud partners

If you’re not using Microsoft Azure today we’d love to discuss how we can help you migrate !

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