Modern applications demand a modern data centre

Are you equipped to help your customers maximise the opportunities presented by new technology, like containerisation, IoT, mobile technology, AI and data analytics ?

By moving your customers’ workloads to the cloud, you can increase your margins and operate more efficiently whilst helping your customers to deliver data and applications to users faster, reduce management overheads, scale up or down easily and optimise their costs. In fact, according to a recent study by McKinsey, your customers could reduce costs by up to 50% by moving key workloads to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. Adapting to an IaaS model with your customers ensures you are delivering a competitive offering in today’s demanding marketplace.

Help your customers do great things with Azure.

Microsoft Azure provides a reliable and secure platform for customers to take full advantage of the benefits that cloud offers. With Azure they can utilise IaaS, connect IoT devices and sensors, build artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled solutions, deliver mobile applications, e-commerce platforms or data analytics solutions and more. The flexible and scalable nature of Azure also makes it an ideal platform for backup, archiving and DR, taking these workloads out of the data centre and paving the way to the cloud.

Not sure your customers are ready for Azure ?

Arrow can support you at every stage of your transformation to demonstrate how your customers could benefit from moving to Azure through to a full technical readiness assessment to demonstrate the feasibility and migration services to support your teams in implementing and moving to the cloud.

Speak with an Arrow representative today to see how you can transform your customers with the cloud.

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