‘Cloud, not for me’ ?

Regularly you hear people say: ‘Public cloud, not for me, my business is too small’

So we did a Proof of Concept by translating a typical SMB setup of a terminal server environment into Azure.

In the picture aside, we have devices connecting to a small network consisting of the necessary Active Directory Server, a Windows Terminal server to access shared virtual desktops and the traditional Windows file server to share files and documents.

How many of these kind of setups are there around us ?

By translating this in a lift and shift scenario into Azure, you risk making the typical error of copying the current environment ‘as is’ into Azure. Meaning installing a VM in azure for each service instead of optimising it with the available Azure offerings:

  • No VM running a windows file server, but making use of a Serverless SMB file share, where you do not need to pay for the VM but only for the amount of data written in Azure.
  • No AD server VM, but making use of Azure AD services… again using a as-a-service service instead of maintaining yourself ‘a VM with an operating system’
  • For the TS servers, using the new Windows Virtual Desktop service in Azure, running a Windows 10 Multi-Session environment.

The WVD service has many advantages. Among the most interesting are the following :

  • you only pay for the time the virtual machine is running. By using Azure Automation, you automate the Start/Stop process of VMs during off-hours
  • you can easily scale this environment
  • when accessing with the right ‘local’ Win10 or M365 device, no need to pay anymore for ‘Remote Desktop Services’
    (list of eligible licences)

So the above environment ends up like below:

We even found a way of running Win 10 on my MacBook Pro 😉
Of course, you can also count on us to help you deploy a full solution, including backup, security, O365, apps, ….

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