Happy CLOUD Hour

Hyperscalers are our future. They are the glue between all IT solutions

But if Hyperscalers – Azure, AWS – are our future, then how do you as partner get there? The answers is the Arrow Cloud Enablement Plan (or ACE). 

ACE focusses on three key approaches towards cloud business:

  • Bringing new workloads to the cloud
  • Datacenter modernization through cloud
  • Porting of applications to the cloud model

As a part of the ACE plan, in order to help our partners embrace the power of cloud, Arrow is launching the Happy CLOUD Hour sessions.

These are a series of 2-hour – What, Why and How ? – sessions that demystify how to use the hyperscale clouds with the familiar perpetual or on-premise environments.

Examples of these sessions are:

  • Splunk on Azure
  • Extending NetApp storage to Cloud
  • VMware site recovery with Cloud
  • Windows Virtual Desktops on Cloud
  • Veeam 3-2-1 strategy with Cloud
  • Commvault as a Service

So stay tuned and look out for our invitations to the different topics.
Enroll below to make sure you do not miss any invitation !

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