Splunk on Azure

Splunk Enterprise on Azure provides all the benefits of the cloud: Faster time-to-value since it is easy & quick to get started on Azure without worrying about lengthy installation and configuration processes. Easily scale your solution without dealing with hardware and capacity planning.

During this What, Why and How session, we will cover:

  • Full benefit of Splunk Enterprise
  • Use cases of Splunk on Azure
  • How to size these cases in Azure Calculator
  • Short live deployment of a Splunk on Azure environment

We will also inform you how to become a successful Azure Cloud partner with Arrow:

  • Microsoft requirements
  • Microsoft gains
  • The ArrowSphere portal to manage your Azure business


Thursday March 26, 2020
14.30    Welcome coffee 
15.00    Splunk on Azure: What, why and how ?
17.00    Closing Drink

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