Happy Cloud Hour – Veeam on Azure

Our third Happy Cloud Hour goes Virtual session. This one concerning ‘Veeam on Azure’. During the extensive demos, we used Veeam for:

  • a full backup from an on-prem VM running on VMware ESX to Microsoft Azure,
  • performed a DR scenario by booting the VM afterwards in Microsoft Azure,
  • a backup of the Azure VM to Azure Blob,
  • and finally a retrieve to our on-prem VMWare ESX environment and booted the ‘recovered’ machine.

Afterwards we performed some pricing calculations of the Azure environment, with some tips and tricks on how to define the right virtual machine…

If you missed the session, no worries, below is the recording…

Useful links used during the presentation:

Full videos of the demos:

Step 1. Infrastructure overview
Step 2.VM backup overview
Step 3.Veeam azure restore config
Step 4. Azure restore initiate demo
Step 5. Azure restore complete demo
Step 5.1 RDP failover demo
Step 6. Backup for Azure configuration
Step 7. Restore Azure VM

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